The construction of light

Bend the wire so that the steel is attached to the edge of the pot between the entrances and be able to hold the wick. Fold the other end of the wire spiral around the wick, so that the wick can be held vertically (like candles). Be the spiral shapes a kind of pyramid, so that the bottom serves as a support. oil regime of the lamp The operation of light Thirty grams of olive oil can last an hour or more, the cost does not exceed the candles. But it is possible to buy olive oil that is unfit for human consumption, but burn, and cheaply. You boil olive oil with essential oils for a nice burning fire smell. Olive oil lamps have been used for thousands of years, and oil lamps in general have been used until a few generations ago. Are reliable, have a great power and durable enough. The advantage of light olive oil is rinsed if it stops burning because it is a highly flammable material. They are much safer than lighting others by burning

For those who love the vintage design of whiskey bottles, this DIY lamp project is absolutely perfect for recycling glass into something beautiful and functional. I particularly love the Jack Daniel’s bottle lines because they add a very masculine and industrial look to the diffuse light of the lamp, for an extremely unique object in the end.

This lamp made from a bottle of whiskey is perfect for decorating a vintage living room or hang over a bar or billiards. To be honest, I think this type of lamp can really fit in any decor … To achieve it, it’s very simple … You just need a few empty bottles of Jack Daniel’s, a device to cut the glass (or alcohol and a lighter as in the video, but it is more dangerous), and an electric kit for suspension. Once you have managed to cut the bottom of the bottle (the hardest), you’re almost done! Put the electrical part inside and you just have to hang!

The heat of a candle

Gradually heat with the flame of a candle all areas, one at a time, flowers and leaves, just a few seconds at a safe distance (there is a straight and a reverse, just rotate the flowers on the flame, it is recommended to warm up the not glossy side.

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